Leek, Broccoli and Stilton Soup

Leek, Broccoli and Stilton Soup


Gently fry the onion in butter for few minutes. Add the leeks and broccoli and sweat for 5 mins. Add the stock and simmer until broccoli is cooked but still looking fresh and green.

Add cream and whizz in the blender until smooth. Return soup to the pan and gently crumble in the glorious Cropwell Bishop. Serve with a crusty baguette or farmhouse cobber.


(Serves 4)

1 onion
2 tbsp oil
30g (1oz) butter
3 leeks
a head of broccoli, sliced
2 pints of chicken stock
150ml (5 floz) cream
60g (2oz) Cropwell Bishop Stilton Buy Cheese


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Reply #1 on : Sun September 02, 2012, 21:04:21
I've been hooked on Nutella creeps w/bananas since we returned from France. Cheese & figs? I AM IN! Funny thing though, the electric crepe pan I have is no longer my favorite. I find that a plain old well seasoned small skillet is much easier for me to use. Exercising 5x this week is good, but it's NEXT week that I am obsessing about now! And the week after that, and the week after that Getting started is tough, but consistency has been my recent bug-a-boo. I am DETERMINED now though! I have a BIG birthday coming up this fall, and I WILL be one hot chick by the time it gets here! You heard it here first!

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