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The English Selection Box

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(approx. 1250g)

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Pong's Opinion

"These are four of the very finest cheeses made in arguably one of the finest cheese-producing nations on earth. England's most famous exports are Cheddar and Stilton so we've included what we think are the best of both: Montgomery's Cheddar and Cropwell Bishop Stilton. Stinking Bishop is also now a household name primarily because of its fantastic savoury taste but also its inclusions in various TV and cinema programmes. Cerney goat's cheese completes the awesome line up and is a masterfully made, creamy and lemony, soft goat's cheese made in the style of a Valencay. "

Montgomery Cheddar (250g)

Stinking Bishop (500g)

Cerney goat's cheese (250g)

Cropwell Bishop Stilton (250g)

Total weight: 1250g

Quickes Cheddar Truckle

Quickes Cheddar Truckle


The Welsh Selection Box

The Welsh Selection Box


Stilton by Cropwell Bishop (500g pack)

Stilton by Cropwell Bishop (500g pack)

Thumbnail Summary Our nation's finest
Milk n/a
Cheese Type n/a
Producer No
Country England
Pong Rating 5
Visible Weight 1250g
Organic No
Vegetarian No