When should I order for a specific date such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas?

You can order any time from now and choose a delivery date to suit you once you’re in the Checkout, or choose ASAP and we’ll ship your order straight away.

  • Last orders for Father’s Day: orders for standard delivery can be made up to 2pm on Thursday 13th June or for saturday delivery up to 2pm on Friday 14th for delivery on Saturday 15th.
  • Best Before dates on cheeses from the first week of a month will be towards the end of the month so that might be about the best time to choose delivery for and to avoid the rush.
  • Always try and allow for extra delivery time if you can, for example, choose the 19th or 20th if you want the cheese for an event on the 21st to leave time for a delivery delay.

See our selection of the Father’s Day Cheese Gift range here

How long will my cheeses last?

Please remember Best Before dates on our cheeses will vary from about a week to ten days on soft cheeses to up to three months on hard cheeses and cheddars so please allow for that when selecting a delivery date. Please be aware that obviously these are fresh cheeses and while some of them will have Best Before dates of over a month, some of the softer cheeses will not have more than two to three weeks life on them. See our guide for more information on Best Before dates:

How will my Pong box look?

You can find out a bit more about the deliveries and what the packaging looks like by visiting here.

Pong Cheese Club Cheese Gift Box Monthly Cheese Subscription Premium Box
The Pong Cheese Club Monthly Cheese Subscription Premium Box

My order hasn’t turned up, where is it?

If you have any delivery or tracking queries you can visit Royal Mail and track it here: or you might find it helpful to call them directly on 03457 740740 and quote your tracking code. You’ll also need to tell them the name and postcode of where it’s going. Please remind them it is a perishable item and it must be delivered as soon as possible. It might be useful to give them any helpful instructions for delivery if the driver has not found your property and to confirm address details.

Why have I received a tracking email but no delivery?

If your box has been shipped early it is simply in order to pre-empt how busy the couriers are and to allow for any delays. We want to make sure you get your order as near to the delivery date you’ve requested as possible and to get it there before you need it such as a dinner party or in time for Christmas. Please remember your order is on a ‘Leave Safe’ service which means it doesn’t need a signature so it doesnt matter if you’re not in, it will be left in a safe place or with a neighbour. If your tracking link doesn’t work it is because it hasn’t yet been scanned into the couriers’ depot. Please try later on this evening.

What if I might not be in to receive the order?

All Pong orders are shipped as ‘Leave Safe’ so the recipient doesn’t need to be in to receive it and the driver will always try to leave it with a neighbour if they don’t feel it can be left in a porch or other protected area.

What will happen to the condition of the cheese if it is delayed?

Your Pong Cheese box is lovingly prepared with ice gel packs to keep the air cool and with low ambient temperatures the cheese will not be harmed. If on receipt of your box you are not happy with how it looks or the condition of the cheese inside please let us know immediately by email on and we will organise a replacement.

How should I look after the cheese once I receive it?

Refrigerate all cheese on receipt. Some, once cut, will form dry areas where they are exposed to air so for anything cut you can use cling film to wrap it and put it in the fridge. For uncut cheese if it’s not in a fridge it will continue its natural maturing process; for harder cheeses, for example in wax or any other rind, this will continue for months and the cheese will get more mature. For softer cheeses they will get stronger tasting and become softer. If you don’t want them to get any stronger or change at all the best thing to do is to keep them in the fridge or at least a cold part of the house such as a cellar.

Don’t forget though to make sure they’re at room temperature before serving to get the maximum flavour. Here’s a bit of info on caring for your cheese:

How does the ‘Buy three get one free offer’ work?

We will add a complimentary cheese at the time of packing to any order that qualifies – i.e. if the order has three or more cheeses in it. For more information on this offer please see here:

I want to order a Pong Cheese Club but I can’t see how to change the delivery schedule

Once you’ve made your order, simply reply to your order confirmation email once you have one and let us know when you’d like them to go out. Otherwise you can just email us after you’ve made the order but please make sure you include the order number in your email.

When should I order for a specific date?

You can order any time from now and choose a delivery date to suit you once you’re in the Checkout, or choose ASAP and we’ll ship your order straight away. The Best Before dates on the cheeses will be at their optimum if you request a date for delivery of your order a few days before the date you want it e.g. Christmas or Father’s Day.

Is the packaging of my Pong box recyclable?

Yes all of the boxes and packaging straw and promotional material can be added to your cardboard recycling. The ice gel pack sachets contain certified food grade gel. These can be disposed of within recyclable waste or alternatively you can refreeze them and use them again for example in a picnic hamper.

What is Pong’s Privacy & Cookie Policy?

We understand that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used and shared online. You can read our full Privacy Policy here and find out how we use cookie’s to store information here.