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13 August 2018 — Features

We don’t want the current financial conditions stop you from getting the amount of beautiful fresh cheese that you’re entitled to so we’re going to help out. Don’t go out! […]

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cheese and wine

Cheese and Wine Matching Ideas

12 August 2018 — Features

For some inspired cheese and wine matches, have a look through these great combinations: Bleu d’Auvergne AOC Bleu d’Auvergne is less salted than other blue cheese so it tends to […]

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A Brief History of Italian Cheese

24 July 2018 — Features

A recent estimation of Italian Cheese suggests there are 450 types of cheese made in Italy which is just behind that of the UK and France. Of those, 34 have […]

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A History of the Ploughman’s Lunch

19 July 2018 — Cheese Facts, Features

It’s as if the term ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’ has been on the archetypal village pub’s menu for several millenia but you might be astonished to find out its use started far […]

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Stilton ‘King of Cheeses’

17 July 2018 — Features

Stilton is far and away the UK’s most popular blue cheese with over 1 million cheeses made per year which are exported all over the world. Stilton doesn’t just taste […]

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Brie De Meaux

A History of Brie de Meaux

9 June 2018 — Cheese Facts, Cheesemakers, Features

Brie De Meaux is the most famous of all Bries and in our opinion the very best of all. This gorgeous, buttery and earthy cheese is steeped in French history […]

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Cheese and Picnics

9 June 2018 — Features

There is widespread difference of opinion on who actually invented the picnic or ‘le pique-nique’ but there are two obvious protagonists: the English and the French. In the 1600’s, the […]

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Cheddar: The UK’s favourite cheese

25 May 2018 — Cheese Facts, Cheesemakers, Features

Cheddar is probably one of the most popular cheeses in the world and certainly one of the most consumed. Here’s a short history and a bit of background on this […]

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Territorial Cheeses: Caerphilly to Wensleydale

16 April 2018 — Cheese Facts, Features

Britain has a proud heritage of dairy farming and over the centuries has created many exceptional and world-renowned cheeses. Some of these traditional cheeses can only be known by their […]

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