The Truth About Fat In Cheese

The Truth and the Myths About Fat in Cheese

12 March 2024 — Cheese Facts, Features, Health Info

Health expert and nutritionists regularly discuss the need to re-instate fresh foods that contain higher fat levels into our diet. We couldn’t agree more and will forever sing the praises […]

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Best Before Dates

A Quick Guide to ‘Best Before’ Dates

22 November 2023 — Cheese Facts, Features, Health Info

According to one of the UK’s supermarkets over 55% of us throw away anything that is past its Best Before date! What an enormous waste we say, especially when the […]

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The Science of Cheese

Cheese Scientists Offer These Four Cheese Truths

3 March 2023 — Cheese Facts, Health Info

It’s no surprise to us that scientists all over the world dedicate their studies to cheese, after all, what is life without cheese? These honourable men and women have been […]

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Care for your cheese

Tips To Care For Your Cheese

1 February 2019 — Cheese Facts, Features, Health Info

Here are some tips to care for your cheese and keep it in its best condition… Storage Cheese is always best when enjoyed fresh, however our cheeses can be stored […]

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Yes! Cheese is good for you...

Is Cheese Good For You?

10 November 2018 — Cheese Facts, Features, Health Info

There is a lot more to cheese’s health benefits than most people think, but is cheese good for you? It is a food with a high proportion of key nutrients, […]

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New Mum Baby Unpasteurised Cheese Gift Box Mothers Day Cheese Gift

Eating Cheese During Pregnancy

8 October 2018 — Cheese Facts, Features, Health Info

We’d like to clear up a question we get asked regularly: which cheeses can or can’t I eat during pregnancy? Whether a pregnant woman can or can’t eat cheese during […]

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