Choose 3 And Get 1 Cheese FREE!

13 August 2022 — Features

Buy 3 Get 1 cheese free

When you choose any three individual cheeses we’ll add a fourth completely FREE.

So don’t go out! Stay in, invite some friends round and treat them to a cheese extravaganza with a board of phenomenal cheeses. For example, if you’ve ordered a blue, a soft and a washed rind we’ll pop a hard cheese into your box before it goes out. If you’d like more help on how to create the perfect board for you have a look at the feature ‘why and how to make the perfect cheeseboard‘.

To help you decide which cheeses to select, you can filter by:

  • price (From £4 to £35)
  • Cheese type (blue, hard, smoked, soft and semi soft or washed)
  • Country of origin (England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland or Wales)
  • Milk base (cow, goat, sheep, organic, mixed and unpasteurised)

So, let’s get shopping!

The choice of the fourth  free cheese is entirely at our discretion and where possible will complement the other 3 cheeses, depending on availability. This offer is only available on the first three cheeses in any order. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer and is not applied to gift box purchases. All orders are subject to our normal terms and conditions

10 thoughts on “Choose 3 And Get 1 Cheese FREE!

  1. I have really enjoyed your gift boxes in the past and now would like to spend between £20 and £30 on a gift box for a friend with Irish connections.
    The main problem is that he does not like goat’s cheese.

    So, could I do a “buy 3 and get one free” order of Irish cheeses, goat-free,
    or what do you suggest?

    Many thanks
    Stephen Hayward, Bath.

  2. how long does this offer last? would it apply to Xmas orders? thanks

    1. Yes absolutely Jane its all year round

  3. Hello,

    If I order 6 individual cheeses, do I get two free ones and if I order 9, do I get three free ones? 🙂


    1. Hi sorry but this offer is only available on the first three cheeses in any order so however many over three you order you still get the one free. Hope that helps!

  4. How do I order – just pick 3 and assume the 4th free one will just be included? There is nothing at the checkout that allows you to click an ‘add 4th free’ box so it feels little disconcerting.

    1. Hi Lara yes thats right – please see the above detail on how the offer works – we will add a complimentary cheese at the time the box is packed. This changes regularly but we choose what it is. Hope that helps!

  5. How do I get the 4th cheese free? I put in 4 cheeses but I do not get one free.

    1. Hi Philip. Please read the details of the offer above – we ADD a complimentary cheese, of our choosing, to any order that includes three or more cheeses.

  6. If i order three vegetarian cheeses would the fourth one also be vegetarian ?

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