History of Italian Cheese

A Brief History of Italian Cheese

20 June 2023 — Features

With over 2500 traditional varieties, Italy has the highest variety of cheeses in the world, and the history of Italian cheese almost defines the art of cheese-making in Europe. A […]

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French Cheese and Wine Pairing

French Cheese and Wine Pairing

7 June 2023 — Cheese and Wine, Cheese Facts, Features

The quintessential French holiday involves sampling plenty of local cheese, often alongside a regional wine. When it comes to recreating the perfect French cheeseboard at home however, it can be […]

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Picnic Cheese

Cheese and Picnics

2 June 2023 — Features

There is widespread difference of opinion on who actually invented picnics or ‘le pique-nique’ but there are two obvious protagonists: the English and the French. In the 1600’s, the French […]

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Stilton ‘King of Cheeses’

10 May 2023 — Features

Stilton is far and away the UK’s most popular blue cheese with over 1 million cheeses made per year which are exported all over the world. It doesn’t just taste […]

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A history of Royal Cheese

Kings, Queens and Their Favourite Cheeses

12 April 2023 — Cheese Facts, Cheeseboards, Features

From soft cheese to blue, hard to goat’s, one thing’s clear; no British royal banquet is complete without cheese. Throughout the centuries, royalty has been enjoying cheese in all shapes […]

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Trethowan Brothers

Meet The Makers… Trethowan’s Dairy

18 February 2023 — Cheesemakers, Features

Nestling in the rolling hills of Somerset, a herd of 100 Holsteins and 20 Jersey cows are grazing sleepily on silty, organic peat soils. This feast of nutrients is where […]

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How to Pair Cheese and Coffee

16 January 2023 — Cheese and Wine, Cheeseboards, Features

Alongside our cheeseboard, many of us enjoy coffee after a meal. But should our two favourite after-dinner treats really be enjoyed together?  Believe it or not, coffee and cheese are […]

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Fondue Recipe

The Perfect Date Night: Fondue

10 January 2023 — Cheese and Wine, Cheese Facts, Features

Fondue ‘became’ the national dish of Switzerland after some passionate promotion from the Swiss Cheese Union in the 1930s. The earliest recipes for basic cheese fondues however, can be found […]

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Buy 3 Get 1 cheese free

Choose 3 And Get 1 Cheese FREE!

13 August 2022 — Features

When you choose any three individual cheeses we’ll add a fourth completely FREE. So don’t go out! Stay in, invite some friends round and treat them to a cheese extravaganza […]

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