Buy 3 Get 1 cheese free

Choose 3 And Get 1 Cheese FREE!

13 August 2022 — Features

When you choose any three individual cheeses we’ll add a fourth completely FREE. So don’t go out! Stay in, invite some friends round and treat them to a cheese extravaganza […]

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Territorial Cheeses: Caerphilly to Wensleydale

5 May 2022 — Cheese Facts, Features

Britain has a proud heritage of dairy farming and over the centuries has created many exceptional and world-renowned cheeses. Some of these traditional cheeses can only be known by their […]

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Tracklements and Pong – The Perfect Pairing

17 February 2022 — Features

The finest cheese deserves award-winning relishes and chutneys, and the Tracklements range offers exactly that. The company, nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, are busy making a range of over […]

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Neufchatel Cheese

An Ode to Neufchatel

23 January 2022 — Features

An Ode to Neufchatel A superb book has come to our attention that is dedicated solely to poems created in adoration of cheese. ‘A Tasting to Eternity – A love […]

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Stinking Bishop: The Story of a Masterpiece

21 December 2021 — Cheesemakers, Features

Stinking Bishop is a legendary cheese, so famous that most cheese lovers are fully aware of the story of its origin… Charles Martell first produced his perry-washed rind cheese in […]

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The Legend of Manchego DOC

16 August 2021 — Cheese Facts, Features

If you ever drive through mainland Spain you may encounter almost desert-like fields where herds of white, hornless sheep roam. These are the arid plains of La Mancha, and are […]

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Coeur du Berry

24 January 2021 — Cheese Facts, Features

Coeur du Berry is found in our Heart-Shaped Box. It inherited its special shape due to being produced near a village called ‘Saint Valentin‘, located between Châteauroux and Bourges in […]

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Can you eat Cheese Rind

Can You Eat Cheese Rind?

7 November 2019 — Cheese Facts, Features

There are many delicious cheeses that have a distinctive rind around the edge. The question is, can (or should) you eat it?

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Beer and Cheese Pairing

A Perfect Pairing: Beer and Cheese

10 July 2019 — Cheese and Wine, Features

We are all familiar with the idea of wine and cheese pairing, but with a whole world of new and exciting beers in the world, why limit ourselves to just […]

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