Care for your cheese

Tips To Care For Your Cheese

1 February 2019 — Cheese Facts, Features, Health Info

Here are some tips to care for your cheese and keep it in its best condition… Storage Cheese is always best when enjoyed fresh, however our cheeses can be stored […]

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Cheese and Literature

Cheese in Classic Literature

9 January 2019 — Features

Like blue veins through a Stilton, cheese runs deep through our history and culture, so it’s inevitable that it will be present in our literature too. Here are five pieces […]

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Yes! Cheese is good for you...

Is Cheese Good For You?

10 November 2018 — Cheese Facts, Features, Health Info

There is a lot more to cheese’s health benefits than most people think, but is cheese good for you? It is a food with a high proportion of key nutrients, […]

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Cheese Dream

Does Cheese Make For Sweet Dreams?

24 October 2018 — Cheese Facts, Features

Cheese-induced dreams can depend on several factors, such as the age and type of cheese eaten, how much is eaten and the delay between eating the cheese and falling asleep. […]

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Maternity Gift Box of Cheese

Eating Cheese During Pregnancy

8 October 2018 — Cheese Facts, Features, Health Info

We’d like to clear up a question we get asked regularly: which cheeses can or can’t I eat during pregnancy? Whether a pregnant woman can or can’t eat cheese during […]

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A Secret History of Reblochon

7 October 2018 — Cheese Facts, Cheesemakers, Features

‘Pinch a cow’s udder again…’ No we haven’t eaten so much cheese that we’ve lost our grasp on reality. ‘Reblochon’ is derived from the French word ‘reblocher’, or ‘re-milk’, as […]

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13 Facts About The Greatest Food On Earth: Cheese

6 October 2018 — Cheese Facts, Features

Cheese. Where would we brie without it? Here are some amazing cheese facts for hardcore cheese nerds like us: 1.  Cheese is bought by over 98% of British households. 2. […]

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Buy 3 Get 1 cheese free

Choose 3 And Get 1 Cheese FREE!

13 August 2018 — Features

When you choose any three individual cheeses we’ll add a fourth completely FREE. So don’t go out! Stay in, invite some friends round and treat them to a cheese extravaganza […]

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History of Italian Cheese

A Brief History of Italian Cheese

24 July 2018 — Features

With over 2500 traditional varieties, Italy has the highest variety of cheeses in the world, and the history of Italian cheese almost defines the art of cheese-making in Europe. A […]

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