Traditional Cheese Lasagne

17 November 2020 — Dinner

Traditional cheese lasagna


Serves 6

2 tbsp olive oil, plus a little for the dish

750g lean beef mince

90g pack prosciutto

800g passata

200ml hot beef stock

a little grated nutmeg

300g pack fresh lasagne sheets

500ml whole milk

1 onion, halved

1 bay leaf

2 cloves

50g butter

50g plain flour

200g Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar

How to make it

Traditional cheese lasagne is a classic mid-week dinner that can be frozen and reheated for easy access when you’re busy. A tasty cheddar such as Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar. will add depth of flavour.

  • Begin with the meat sauce. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a frying pan and cook 750g lean beef mince in two batches for about 10 mins until browned all over.
  • Finely chop 4 slices of prosciutto from a 90g pack, then stir through the meat mixture.
  • Pour over 800g passata and 200ml hot beef stock. Add a little grated nutmeg, then season.
  • Bring up to the boil, then simmer for 30 mins until the sauce looks rich.
  • Make the white sauce by gently bringing 500ml whole milk to the boil in a small saucepan.
  • Add 1 halved onion, studded with 1 bay leaf and 2 cloves.
  • Turn off the heat and leave to infuse for 20 mins.
  • Melt 50g butter in another saucepan, then add 50g plain flour.
  • Stir continuously until a roux forms.
  • Remove the onion, bay and cloves from the milk with a slotted spoon and discard.
  • Add the infused milk to the roux gradually, stirring as you go, until you get a smooth sauce.
  • Add 100g of grated Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar.
  • Cook for 5-10 mins, stirring continuously, until the sauce has thickened. Season to taste.
  • Heat oven to 180C/fan/160C/gas 4 and lightly oil an ovenproof dish (about 30 x 20cm).
  • Spoon one third of the meat sauce into the dish, then cover with some fresh lasagne sheets.
  • Drizzle over roughly 130g  of the white sauce.
  • Repeat until you have 3 layers of pasta.
  • Cover with the remaining 390g white sauce, making sure you can’t see any pasta poking through.
  • Scatter 100g of the cheddar over the top.
  • Arrange the rest of the prosciutto on top.
  • Bake for 45 mins until the top is bubbling and lightly browned.

Serve this traditional cheese lasagne with a green salad and garlic bread.

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  1. Looks more like cannelloni……

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