Alex James Co. No 4 Goats’ Cheese Salad

25 March 2021 — Salad

goat cheese salad


makes 4 ‘bites’

For the dressing:

50g olive oil

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 tbsp honey

salt and pepper, to taste

For the salad:

50g cherry tomatoes

Half an avocado

A mix of radicchio, lambs lettuce and crisp frisée – or whatever green leaves you have!

For the goats’ cheese bites:

100g Alex James Co. No 4 Goats’ Cheese

Half a french stick

How to make it

This Goats’ Cheese salad uses Alex James Goats’ cheese which is particularly fresh and delicate. It has a natural acidity and an almost mousse-like texture. We love it on a french stick with a simple salad.

  • In a small bowl mix olive oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard, a drizzle of honey, and salt and pepper
  • Prepare the salad:
    • Cut tomatoes into quarters
    • Slice avocado
    • Use a mix of crunchy radicchio, delicate lambs lettuce and crisp frisée
  • Preheat grill to medium
  • Cut the french stick into 1 inch thick slices
  • Lightly toast under the grill for a few minutes each side
  • Cut the Alex James Goats’ cheese into 25g rounds, keeping the rind on
  • Remove the bread and place the goats cheese slices on the slices
  • place back under the grill for another 2 minutes
  • Pull the goats cheese salad together and dress with the vinaigrette dressing
  • Place the bread on the salad and finish with a drizzle of the vinaigrette

Alex James’ Cheese Range

From rock’s greatest cheese-lover, we bring you his full range of cheeses and related products. The range includes two gift boxes – Alex James Co. British Box of 4 and Box of 6. The cheeses include:

No 1 Cheddar (200g) – monster of a Cheddar

No 2 Blue Monday (180g) – soft creamy blue cheese

No 3 Brie (200g) – like butter but better

No 4 Goats’ (100g) – monster of a Cheddar

No 5 Grunge (150g) – mental but gentle

No 6 Sheep’s (100g) – Snazzy soft one

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