Stilton cannelloni

Mushroom and Stilton Cannelloni

1 February 2010 — Dinner, Lunch

This fantastic Stilton cannelloni recipe is courtesy of one of our favourite food blogs: Anne’s Kitchen. You will need a hand blender or similar for this!

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Three Cheese Macaroni

Three Cheese Macaroni

19 January 2010 — Dinner, Lunch, Snack

Classic three cheese macaroni is a meal that the whole family can enjoy. Using three cheeses adds depth of flavour as makes it extra tasty!

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Cheese Souffles

Montgomery Cheddar Cheese Souffle

8 May 2009 — Dinner, Lunch, Starter

These Cheese Souffles are the perfect dish to make with a mature, good quality Cheddar; we’ve chosen Montgomery Cheddar. You can use any cheese and in fact blue cheeses work particularly well.

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Cheese Chowder

Smoked Haddock and Celtic Promise Cheese Chowder

6 April 2009 — Dinner, Lunch, Starter

The gorgeous taste combination of smoked haddock and the creamy and strong Celtic Promise makes this Cheese Chowder more comforting than a lie in. 1. Poach the haddock in the […]

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Fish with Cheese

Sea Bass Fish with Cheese and Hot Aubergine Salsa

2 March 2009 — Dinner, Lunch

Succulent fish fillets topped with melting Sparkenhoe Red Leicester cheese taste superb – especially when served with a delicious aubergine and tomato salsa. This fabulous fish with cheese dish is […]

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