Heart Shaped Pizza

Three Cheese Heart-Shaped Pizza

27 January 2020 — Bread, Dinner

Nothing beats a home-made pizza, the base is crispy with a nice thick crust, and the three cheeses give you mouthwatering flavour with every bite. It’s sure to get your loved one’s heart racing this Valentine’s day.

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Raclette Slices


14 January 2020 — Dinner, Party

You don’t need a huge raclette machine to enjoy raclette cheese at home, we’ve got LIFe Partyclette® Raclettes which allows your melted raclette cheese to sit in the middle of the party table, or you can buy raclette slices and lay them over your dish then place under the grill. 

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cheese stuffed courgettes

Pork and Pecorino stuffed Courgettes

4 November 2019 — Dinner, Starter

The strong tanginess of the Pecorino compliments the sweetness of the courgette and tenderness of the pork. A tasty dinner that makes full use of the most delicious parts of the courgettes.

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Bosworth Ash Stuffed Steaks

Bosworth Ash Stuffed Steaks

4 November 2019 — Dinner

This is the ideal date night dinner – well cooked fillet steak with a gorgeous cheesy surprise in the centre. The bacon keeps the steaks nice and juicy.

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Cheese Cornbread

Jalapeño and Godminster cheddar cornbread

4 November 2019 — Barbecue, Bread, Dinner, Lunch

This Jalapeño and Godminster cheddar cornbread has a crunchy buttery crust, a soft and fluffy inside, hits of spicy jalapeno, and a creamy, moreish cheese flavour. It’s the perfect accompaniment to BBQ’d meat, chilli or stews. 

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Manchego Cheese Enchiladas

Turkey and Manchego Enchiladas

4 November 2019 — Dinner

Enchiladas make an excellent mid-week dinner that the whole family can enjoy. This version uses turkey making it a little healthier, and the nutty, buttery and mature Manchego adds wonderful depth of flavour.

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blue cheese burger

Blue Cheese Burger

4 November 2019 — Dinner, Party

The secret to a good burger is using beef mince with over 15% fat content. The secret to a GREAT burger is spicy, strong and complex Picos de Europa blue cheese.

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Le Gruyere, Bacon and Mushroom Frittatas

Le Gruyere, Mushroom and Bacon Frittata

24 July 2019 — Dinner, Lunch

Frittatas are a great way of using up ends of cooked meats, herbs and cheese in your fridge. We’ve used Le Gruyere in this recipe for it’s depth of flavour and perfection when melted, but if you need to swap in another cheese it’ll be just as tasty!

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Cheesy Chicken Cobbler

Cheddar No 1 Chicken Cobbler

24 July 2019 — Dinner

This cheesy chicken cobbler will have everyone digging in, it’s a perfect ‘all-in-one’ meal for the whole family. Using Alex James’ Cheddar No 1 in the scones will add a creamy, sharp dimension to the flavour for extra deliciousness. 

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