Banon and Bresaola Parcels

Banon and Bresaola Parcels

4 November 2019 — Party, Snack

Bresaola is a cured beef that comes from the Valtellina area of northern Italy. Normally served as an antipasti, this recipe uses it to create little goat’s cheese parcels that work as a party canapé or just a tasty snack.

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Cauliflower cheese pasties

Cauliflower and Pecorino Toscano Pasties

24 July 2019 — Lunch, Party, Picnic, Snack

Pecorino Toscano is a classic hard cheese that melts well and has a sweet, buttery flavour, which complements the slight nuttiness of cauliflower. Packaged into a pasty and you’ve got a vegetarian treat for all to enjoy. 

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Poacher Chilli Sticks

Lincolnshire Poacher Chilli Sticks

20 June 2019 — Party, Snack

Poacher cheddar has an earthy and powerful taste that is nuttier than a mature cheddar with overtones of an aged alpine cheese. This flavour, combined with a chilli kick makes a great breadstick!

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Bacon and Bocconcino di Langa Wrapped Dates

Bacon and Bocconcino di Langa Goat’s cheese Wrapped Dates

12 January 2019 — Party, Snack

The combination of salty bacon, sweet date and savoury Bocconcino di Langa make these cheese wrapped dates totally scrumptious. Bocconcino means “little mouthful” so it seems the perfect cheese to […]

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Cheese and Turkey Potato Cakes

Turkey and Cheese Potato Cakes

12 December 2018 — Lunch, Snack

These turkey and cheese potato cakes are the perfect recipe to use up your Christmas leftovers. You can use any of your remaining Christmas cheese but for perfection it’s best […]

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Mini Cordon Bleus

Mini Cordon Bleus with Taleggio

4 December 2018 — Party, Snack

A retro classic with it’s party hat on, these mini Cordon Bleus are a showstopper. Ensure you make enough because they will be the first party canapé to go!

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Cauliflower Cheese

Smoked Cheddar Cauliflower Cheese

4 December 2018 — Dinner, Snack

Cauliflower cheese is one of those dishes that is so versatile – it works great as a side vegetable for any main meal, as a replacement carb or even as a snack. It works well with any strong cheddar, but we like to use Smoked Godminster Cheddar for an extra kick of flavour. 

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Deep Fried Camembert

Deep Fried Camembert

30 April 2018 — Party, Snack, Starter

What is better than deep fried, warm and gooey cheese? Serve as a starter or as smaller wedges for parties with a side of Cartwright and Butler Tomato Chilli Chutney and they’ll be the star of the show.

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Cheese crackers

Black Pepper and Montgomery Cheese Crackers

30 April 2018 — Party, Snack

Light, elegant and fragrant cheese crackers that you can serve with cheese or store and have as a savoury snack with a glass of something delicious. Mix together the grated […]

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