Green Thunder Garlic Bread

Green Thunder Cheddar Cheesy Garlic Bread

4 December 2018 — Dinner

There is nothing quite like homemade garlic bread. We make ours extra cheesy by using Green Thunder which has additional flavours of garlic and garden herbs. The cheddar is strong enough to balance the garlic and all the flavours combined really packs a punch.

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Brushetta with Brie, Blackberries and Honey

Bruschetta with Brie, Blackberries and Honey

29 November 2018 — Lunch, Party

These small bruschetta bites are real party-pleasers, and great for lunch too. The brie with blackberry and honey combination is a chef classic! Make them with Brie de Meaux AOC and they’ll be exquisite. 

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Blue Cheese and Apricot Jam Crostini

Bath Blue and Apricot Jam Crostinis

12 November 2018 — Lunch, Party

Bath Blue cheese is beautifully smooth with a creamy texture and the sharpness you’d expect from a blue. Pair that flavour with apricot jam and crunchy bread, and you’ll make some delightful party bites.

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Quesadillas with Manchego

Quesadilla with chicken, peppers and Manchego

24 August 2018 — Dinner, Lunch

Quesadillas are really easy to make and incredibly delicious. The recipe comes from Mexico so it’s only right to use a Spanish cheese and Manchego hits the spot with its nutty and caramel flavours. 

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Broccoli and pumpkin mac and cheese

Broccoli, and pumpkin Mac and Cheese with Montgomery’s Cheddar

24 August 2018 — Dinner

When the autumn arrives and pumpkins are in season, there’s nothing better thank luscious and creamy mac and cheese. Made with Montgomery’s Cheddar gives it extra richness and sharpness, and the broccoli adds texture. 

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Fried chicken breasts filled with Bosworth Ash Log

Fried chicken with spinach and Bosworth Ash Log

24 August 2018 — Dinner

Bosworth Ash Log is a soft goats cheese with a smooth clean flavour, so it works well as a filler for these butterflied chicken breasts. Then serve with steamed veg and crushed new potatoes for a wonderful weekday dinner.

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Spinach, pasta and blue cheese bake

Spinach, pasta and Stilton bake

24 August 2018 — Dinner, Lunch

Pasta bakes are a simple meal that the whole family can enjoy, the Stilton from Cropwell Bishop in this recipe gives it a creaminess, as well as a salty, nutty edge. Serve with warm crusty bread.

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Cocotte with Black Bomber, chicken and mushrooms

Cocotte Julienne with Black Bomber Cheddar

24 August 2018 — Dinner, Starter

This is a traditional Russian dish which is very rich and creamy. Traditionally, this dish is served as an appetiser so you can make smaller portions in ramekins and serve it as a starter. If you love mushrooms and strong cheddar, this dish is perfect for you.

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Farleigh Wallop Salad

Farleigh Wallop, pasta and roasted tomato salad

2 May 2018 — Lunch, Salad

This Goat’s cheese and pasta salad is the quintessential summertime meal, light and fresh but filling enough for supper.

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