The greatest gift they’ll get this year is cheese

Cheese gifts v flower delivery

What’s the most exciting gift that can appear on your door step without warning, or that you’re handed by the receptionist on arrival at the office?

No it’s NOT flowers. We believe the best unexpected present you can receive is a box of carefully selected artisan cheese beauties, nestled in straw and begging to be eaten in one sitting. We shall make our case here for cheese over flowers and we remain convinced that within probably only a couple of seconds of careful consideration you will come to the conclusion that you feel the same way.

Flowers have become rooted in our psyches as the first thing we think about when we need to send someone a gift of love, thanks, condolence or apology. The history of giving flowers goes back to prehistoric times when we believed with limited understanding that they had a heeling influence, or later in the middle ages each flower had a specific meaning. Well come on, all this is now nonsense; we’re all a lot cleverer these days aren’t we and a great deal more appreciative of edible things over visual things.

Here are eight reasons why we are certain that receiving a nicely symmetrical box of cheese is a far superior experience to being given an awkwardly shaped bouquet that doesn’t even stand up properly:

1. You can’t eat flowers - while there are exceptions its difficult to remember the last time someone said ‘Oh God, this flower tastes amazing!’

2. A cheese gift can last ten times longer - from the minute you receive them they’re on their way out. In many cases, cheese just gets better and better and you can really look forward to the final feast.

3. Cheese can be shared - although this isn’t of course obligatory.

4. Cheese has been made by human hand - years of mastery have gone into the production of an artisan cheese; in the case of a Pont L’Eveque, more than 800 years of craftsmanship.

5. You don’t have to find a vase to put cheeses in - although you will need a board of some sort.

6. Cheese gifts are gender neutral - flowers are loaded with implication and are heavily biased towards women. Receiving cheese is easy and carefree – just open up and get stuck in!

7. Cheese comes with many health benefits - yes it's true flowers are easy on the eye but they don’t restore the body’s minerals and they definitely don’t protect against tooth decay.

8. Giving a box of cheese is original – do you like to be different? Don’t we all? After events such as bereavement, a new baby or retirement you can become inundated with flowers and a different gift such as a box of sumptuous cheeses makes a very welcome change.

So there you have it; the next time you are buying a present, think cheese delivery not flower delivery. If you simply can’t wait why not have a look at our range of cheese gift boxes right away.

Once your order has been shipped don’t forget to turn up about one hour after the delivery has arrived to guarantee a sampling of the goods.


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Reply #1 on : Tue February 07, 2012, 17:16:14
I loves Valentines Day, but I like to keep it splmie. Im married and we have a beautiful 1 year old daughter- last year we brought her out to dinner with us- (she was just a newborn) SHe slept the entire time. This year we will take her out to dinner someplace kid friendly again. We usually dont go all out and buy presents for each other- its the small things :) To me stuff like that is romantic- enjoying our beautiful daughter :)

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