National Grandparents Day is on 7th October

Another celebration Sunday might not be something we should whole-heartedly welcome in the UK and indeed it is another import from the US. However it is hard to think of anyone more deserving of a day dedicated to thanking and rewarding them for the amazing impact they have on our daily lives, than our grandparents.

As an example, according to RIAS, our grandparents save us £11 billion each year in childcare costs. That equates to £1868 for each family, not to mention their endless emotional and financial support!

Since 1990, when charity Age Concern introduced the national holiday to the UK, the occasion has gathered momentum and is now an annual feature on the UK's calendar. Clearly there is only one gift our beloved grannies and grandpas want to fully understand how much we treasure them and we've laid them out nicely for you to choose exactly the right one!


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