World Cheese Book by DK is now on sale!

Cover of the DK World Cheese Book

'Explore cheese in its many glorious varieties - the science, the smells, the succulence!'

Pong is extremely proud to be jointly promoting a fantastic new compendium of cheese from Europe and around the world: The World Cheese Book from Dorling Kindersley. The book is a magnificent collection of all our finest favourite things from all corners of the world, and has been 'editor-in-chief'-ed by our favourite international cheese export and expert Juliet Harbutt.

We have many of the British and European cheeses featured on sale and will be running promotions and competitions in the coming weeks so keep your eyes out.

If you want to buy the book this instant visit the DK online store now

"The grandest fromages, the finest Feta, the most delicious Manchego: celebrate the glorious variety, quality and pleasure of great cheeses from around the world.

You'll find detailed profiles of over 800 cheeses from France to Australia. Develop an in-depth understanding of different cheese - from its provenance, to the producers, science, smells, and how to savour each taste. Plus, discover what to buy, where and how to serve it.

No cheese lover should be without it!"

Cover of the DK World Cheese Book

Buy the book this instant visit the DK online store now


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Reply #14 on : Tue February 07, 2012, 22:14:38
So true, Ive read in a few books on how to make your own stafter from raw milk. Basically all you do is let the milk sit out at room temp for 24 hours and when its thickened up, its officially cheese stafter. Im still using up some instant culture so I havent tried this method, but I will soon. I often make quick mozarella, which is so easy and so delicious and much cheaper than buying organic pastured cheese at the store. Cant wait to read more on your endeavors. I want Mr Chiots to build me a cheese press like Mas, how cool.
Walter D'Agostino
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Reply #13 on : Thu July 29, 2010, 15:16:47
I love the book! In it there is mention of scooping out the center of a wheel of Serpa and filling it with onions and potatoes and then baking it. Can you provide a more detailed recipe?

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