Banon and Bresaola Parcels

Banon and Bresaola Parcels

4 November 2019 — Party, Snack

Bresaola is a cured beef that comes from the Valtellina area of northern Italy. Normally served as an antipasti, this recipe uses it to create little goat’s cheese parcels that work as a party canapé or just a tasty snack.

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Cheese souffle

Cheddar No. 1 Souffles

30 October 2019 — Party, Starter

Creamy, crunchy and mature cheddar No.1 from Alex James Co. makes these soufflés incredibly delicious. Perfect for dinner parties.

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Cauliflower cheese pasties

Cauliflower and Pecorino Toscano Pasties

24 July 2019 — Lunch, Party, Picnic, Snack

Pecorino Toscano is a classic hard cheese that melts well and has a sweet, buttery flavour, which complements the slight nuttiness of cauliflower. Packaged into a pasty and you’ve got a vegetarian treat for all to enjoy. 

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Poacher Chilli Sticks

Lincolnshire Poacher Chilli Sticks

20 June 2019 — Party, Snack

Poacher cheddar has an earthy and powerful taste that is nuttier than a mature cheddar with overtones of an aged alpine cheese. This flavour, combined with a chilli kick makes a great breadstick!

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Wigmore En Croute

Wigmore En Croute

28 February 2019 — Dinner, Party, Starter

Wigmore is sweet and creamy, it oozes quality and the texture is incomparable. Imagine then, this delectable cheese wrapped in puff pastry, stuffed with cranberries and baked to perfection… and all this could be yours!

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Pistachio Goats Cheese Balls

Ragstone Log and pistachio balls

28 February 2019 — Party, Starter

These Ragstone Log and pistachio balls make an excellent starter, or a snack for evening entertaining. The tangy, creamy Ragstone goat’s cheese is well complimented by the savoury, salty, nutty pistachio flavours, and the green colour really adds some pizzazz! 

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Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Pineapple and Carrot Cake with Neufchatel Cream Cheese Frosting

28 February 2019 — Dinner, Party

Neufchatel AOC cheese makes the most delicious cream cheese frosting, try it in this wonderful pineapple, carrot and pecan cake for moist and creamy bites. 

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Bacon and Bocconcino di Langa Wrapped Dates

Bacon and Bocconcino di Langa Goat’s cheese Wrapped Dates

12 January 2019 — Party, Snack

The combination of salty bacon, sweet date and savoury Bocconcino di Langa make these cheese wrapped dates totally scrumptious. Bocconcino means “little mouthful” so it seems the perfect cheese to […]

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Chicken, Spinach and Cheese Filo Pastry Bites

Chicken, Spinach and Brie Filo Pastry Bites

12 December 2018 — Lunch, Party

What could be more delicious and inviting than a warm and gooey cheese pastry? These filo bites look incredible and taste sensational, especially when you use Brie de Meaux AOC for a truly authentic taste. 

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