Barbecued Tunworth

20 June 2019 — Barbecue, Dinner

Baked Tunworth


250g Tunworth

Chunks of bread

Sprig of thyme

How to make it

Tunworth has a long-lasting nutty and sweet milky flavour with the savouriness you’d expect from a Camembert-style. It shouldn’t be saved just for wintery nights by the fire, it can be fabulous on the barbecue too. Here’s the simple recipe:

  • Ensure the coals of the barbecue are nice and hot and ashy
  • Remove any interior packaging
  • Return the Tunworth to the wooden case
  • Wrap the whole cheese in foil
  • Now bury the cheese in the hot ashes for 15 minutes
  • When it’s time to remove it, remove the foil and open the box to reveal the hot melted cheese
  • Finish with a sprinkling of thyme
  • Serve with chunks of bread as part of the barbecue spread
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