Meet The Makers… Isle of Arran Cheddar

20 December 2021 — Cheesemakers

Torrylinn Creamery

Often called  ‘Scotland in miniature’ the picturesque island of Arran is home to Torrylinn Creamery. Here, Isle of Arran cheddar is lovingly hand-crafted by a small team of artisan cheese-makers, using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.

Steeped in history and provenance, the Torrylinn Creamery was opened by King George VI in 1946, giving their cheddar the Royal seal of approval. Isle of Arran Cheddar is made by hand by five dedicated staff in open vats. They use a time-honoured recipe, which gives each batch the own distinct flavour and personality.

To make the best cheese, the best milk is required. Torrylinn Creamery dairy cows graze the rugged Arran landscape, producing rich, creamy milk to make this distinctive cheddar. The milk comes from just two farms on the island. The passion of their farmers, combined with the Scottish west coast grazing, provide the perfect conditions for producing their cheddar.

Their hand-crafted Isle of Arran cheddar is rich in character with a distinctive, full-bodied taste and creamy texture. Beautiful with a nice glass of crisp cabernet sauvignon. Its savoury taste has a hint of sweetness complemented by nutty notes, enhancing the complexity and making it moreish. Only 200 tonnes of this artisan cheddar are made each year, making it the ultimate choice for cheese connoisseurs. It’s sure to be the highlight of any cheeseboard.

This cheddar is available as both mature and extra mature. It’s also available with black pepper, lime and chilli and caramelised onion in truckles. The cheese is also ideal as a key ingredient to recipes.

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