An Ode to Neufchatel

19 January 2010 — Features

An Ode to Neufchatel

A superb book has come to our attention that is dedicated solely to poems created in adoration of cheese. ‘A Tasting to Eternity – A love affair with traditional French Cheeses’ by David Nutt is packed with beautifully written prose all in honour of our favourite French export. Here’s a sample from a poem about a cheese that is very prevalent at this time of year.


Often shaped as a heart

A valentine gift for a sweetheart

The Neufchatel was born many centuries ago

In the Pays de Bray;

Napoleon III received as a gift

Made from cow’s milk with piebald coats

Enriched from meadows on which they graze

This is a cheese from Normandy’s glorious lands

The rind is soft and velvety to the touch

Its satiny oozing dough has a mushroom allure

A slice of bread is what one needs

For the gustative pleasure to sincerely succeed


If that’s whetted your appetite you can buy Neufchatel cheese here

Or if you’d like to read more from the book you can order it by visiting Amazon here

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