It’s British Cheese Week (26th May to 1st June)!

28 September 2010 — Events

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To mark British Cheese Week (26th May to 1st June) we’re urging the public to learn more about British cheese as they release research showing that 99% of Brits have no idea how many different named cheeses are made in Britain.

Unbelievably, almost 99% (98.5%) of Brits have no idea how many cheeses are made in Britain, almost 1 in 10 don’t know that milk is the main ingredient in cheese and the average person buys just 2 different types of cheese each month, says research released by the British Cheese Board to mark the start of British Cheese Week (26th May to 1st June).

Despite the fact that research has shown that almost two thirds of adults claim that cheese is one of their favourite foods, the vast majority have no idea how many different named cheeses are made in Britain. The British Cheese Board’s survey shows just how much Britain has to learn about the cheese made on its doorstep:

Survey Results

* Nearly 10% of people are unaware that milk is the main ingredient in cheese, rising to nearly a quarter of 16-24 year olds; the rest suggest it could be cream, mould, water or egg

* The average Brit buys only two types of cheese per month and a fifth buy only one. The over 45s are the most adventurous – but still only purchase three types of cheese each month

* Most people are unaware of how many cheeses are now made in Britain, with 76% believing that the UK produces fewer than 200 cheeses and the average number guessed at 153. Almost one in ten people think that Britain makes fewer than 10 and less than 2% (1.5%) estimate correctly – that we actually produce over 700 named cheeses in the UK

* Most people are also oblivious of the huge range of cheeses made in Britain – three quarters of people don’t realise that Camembert, Mozzarella and Ricotta are all made in Britain, despite the fact that British Mozzarella is the second most consumed and produced cheese in the UK, largely thanks to the pizza industry, whilst our Brie and Camembert are a match for any made in the world

* Brits are especially baffled by the goats’ cheese, Gevrik, with almost 9 in 10 (88%) unaware that it’s a cheese; 6% assuming it to be a brand of ale; and 5% a breed of bird

* Cornish Yarg is also a mystery to many (64%), with nearly half (43%) of those from the South West, including Cornwall, pleading ignorant about their native curd, 4% believing it to be a breed of goat and 3% a folk dance

British Cheese Week is a nation wide campaign designed to rise the profile of British cheese and celebrate this years British Cheese Awards winners, announced at the Awards Dinner on Tuesday 27th May.

Care of the British Cheese Board

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