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Cornish Yarg Cheese

If you like the look of the cheeses on our website and would like to make a larger order for either multiple gifts or an event such as a coroporate party or a wedding then please do get in touch with us at or on 08447 453065 - we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

We can create specially chosen cheese board selections that are ideal for a large event or party; we have also supplied four and five tiered wedding cheese cakes for your biggest of days. All our corporate and wedding cheese solutions are competitively priced and, of course, of the highest quality.

Send us an email or give us a ring with details of the size of your event, your budget and any specific preferences and we will propose the perfect cheese order for you. OR 08447 453065.


Jemma on Sat May 11, 2013, 18:07:36

Hiya, We're having a large garden party next year for Summer Solstis, we would like a Cheese Cake comprising of a large good cheddar, blue, brie, stilton, goats cheese. What sizes are available and how much would this cost? Thanks x

Teresa Ellis on Mon February 25, 2013, 16:24:26

I am looking at creating a cheese wedding cake and I am looking to either have a round of cheddar or 1/2,cheddar 1/2 another hard cheese in 10" a blue cheese such as Stilton 8" and a soft cheese such as Brie in 6" a small goats cheese to top it off would be good too. Could you email me an approximate cost and de,ivery details please.

Leannne on Mon February 04, 2013, 20:01:31

Could you give me a price for a wedding cheese cake for 120 people. To include at least 1 goats cheese and one blue cheese.
Many thanks

Joanne on Sat June 18, 2011, 18:35:53

Hi I am looking for a cheese wedding cake for 29 July 2011 - i am in Darwen Lancashire

Please could you give me prices for a three tired cake and also a four tired cake - my colour theme is black and white so if you could incorporate those colours that would be great.

Many thanks


Anonymous on Mon December 13, 2010, 15:14:59

Just wondered what sort of packaging/box the Christmas Explorer Box came in? Thanks

sheila oxley on Tue November 09, 2010, 16:39:22

My daughter is getting married n 2011, we would like to supprise her with 3 tied cheese wedding cake.Would you give me some idea how much it would be.
Thanks sheila oxley

hannah on Mon June 14, 2010, 11:30:24

hello, the cheese gift boxes- ultimate pong box and new mums box do they come in cheese rounds as show?

thank you

laura on Mon February 22, 2010, 06:37:25

I am a cake decorator and am interested in supplyinhg cheese stacked cakes. Do you have a trade price list please??
Kindest regards

Pong on Thu September 17, 2009, 08:50:52

Hi Sally - please email us on and we will help with your wedding - Thanks!

Sally on Mon September 07, 2009, 11:50:42

We are getting married next year and are thinking about buying large cheeses instead of a cake. There will be 70 guests in all. We are trying to keep the costs down as we are paying for it ourselves. There are very few cheese I don't like but I especially like blue cheese. The flowers etc will be green and white, so not sure if you could suggest any that may fit with that. Thanks!

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