Cheese and Wine Matching Ideas – Summer

1 June 2022 — Cheese and Wine

Cheese and Wine Pairing

As the temperature heats up outside, we’ve got the perfect wine pairings to cool you down whilst you enjoy cheese from our summer range

Golden Cenarth

Golden Cenarth Wine PairingWashed in cider to give it a very mild taste, Golden Cenarth gets stronger with maturity. It won Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards so an excellent pairing is needed to go with this beauty.

Champagne Dom Perignon Rose 2006 is an uber rare Rosé fizz from legendary Champagne House – Dom Perignon. It is intense and vibrant with mind blowing complexity.  A supreme champagne for the supreme champion! 

Bleu d’Auvergne AOC

Bleu d Auvergne AOC Virgin Wine MatchBleu d’Auvergne is less salted than other blue cheese so it tends to have a creamier, more buttery flavour, with a bit more of a moist texture. This classic French blue, which has a process similar to Roquefort, needs a wine that can work with both elements.

Traditionally it works with a dessert wine but the Italian Garganega with its rich decedent flavours and tropical fruit notes is a surprising hit!

Manchego DOC

Manchego Wine Match

Manchego is named after the hot and dry plains of La Mancha, right in the heart of Spain, just south of Madrid. The wonderful caramelly flavour of this legendary cheese comes from sheep’s milk who graze in the region’s dry heat.

The perfect wine for this pretty fabulous cheese is the spectacular Nu Allonge Cava. A Spanish light sparkling wine, it’s full of subtle citrus flavours which pairs quite nicely with the nutty and caramel taste of a beautiful Manchego. Prefer a good red wine with your cheese? Try Capanes Sense Cap. A delightfully expressive red blend of Garnacha, Syrah and Merlot from Spain. A real treat for the taste buds. It’s full of fruity and very delicious flavours and is light enough not to overpower a Manchego DOC.

Bocconcino di Langa

Bocconcino di Langa Wine Match

You need a cheese like Bocconcino de Langa to make your day even better. It has a supple, springy texture which, when young, is delicate and soft. As the cheese ripens the texture becomes firmer and the flavours deepen and become sharply sweet. It’s a fabulous goat’s cheese all the way from Italy, here are two wines from the same region of Piemonte which will definitely take your fancy.

Anello Piemonte DOC Barbera is by winemaker Claudio Manera. A red wine with good acidity and dark fruit flavours, this wine will cut through the creaminess of the Bocconcino making your mouth water.

Fancy a refreshing white instead? A white wine that can tick all of the boxes when you pair it with Bocconcino di Langa is Olim Bauda Gavi. This dry white wine can stand up to the flavours of the cheese with its high concentration of fruit flavours.

Dazel Ash Log

Bosworth Ash Virgin Wine MatchDazel Ash has a clean, bright and earthy flavour which balances smooth with its firm textures. Goat’s cheese this crisp needs a wine with exceptional freshness. There’s one grape type that has the muscle, and that’s Sauvignon Blanc. The subtle citrus fruit and gooseberry intensity of French Reserve Arbousiers is an ideal match for Dazel Ash, but if you’re all about Marlborough SB then the Savvie is a safe bet.



2 thoughts on “Cheese and Wine Matching Ideas – Summer

  1. What wine with cheese like Stinkingbishop and Munster etc

    1. For ‘washed-rind’, typically pungent cheeses why not try a Rioja or a red Burgundy, or specifically for a Munster something from the same region such as Alsace Pinot Gris or Gewurtztraminer

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