Bosworth Ash Stuffed Steaks

17 March 2021 — Dinner

Bosworth Ash Stuffed Steaks


Serves 4

4 thick fillet steaks

150g Bosworth Ash goat’s cheese

1tsp chopped rosemary

zest of 1 lemon

1 crushed garlic clove

4 rindless steaky bacon rashers

olive oil

salt and pepper


How to make it

Bosworth Ash stuffed steaks is the ideal date night dinner – well cooked fillet steak with a gorgeous cheesy surprise in the centre. The bacon keeps the steaks nice and juicy.

  • Slice the Bosworth Ash into wedges, and then into cubes
  • Place the wedges in a bowl with rosemary, lemon zest and garlic
  • Mash up into a cheese paste
  • Cut a pocket into each steak, ensuring you keep all other edges sealed
  • Place a quarter of the cheese mixture into each pocket
  • Wrap a rasher of bacon around the side of each steak, covering the pocket entrance. Secure with a cocktail stick
  • Coat the steaks with olive oil and season
  • Cook in a hot skillet until your desired preference
  • Using tongs, lift the stuffed steaks to cook the bacon sides
  • Allow to rest, and then serve

Other Bosworth Ash recipes:

Fried chicken with spinach and Bosworth Ash Log – serve with steamed veg and crushed new potatoes for a wonderful weekday dinner.

Other steak recipes:

Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce – a classic flavour combination used by chefs and in recipes the world over.

Steak with Beauvale Pappardelle – uses Beauvale by Cropwell Bishop which is a slightly milder blue than Stilton, but with an excellent depth of flavour and rich, soft taste. It’s perfect with pasta and balances well with meat which is why it’s the ideal blue for this Steak Pappardelle.

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