Bosworth Ash Stuffed Steaks

4 November 2019 — Dinner

Goat's Cheese Fillet Steak


Serves 4

4 thick fillet steaks

150g Bosworth Ash goat’s cheese

1tsp chopped rosemary

zest of 1 lemon

1 crushed garlic clove

4 rindless steaky bacon rashers

olive oil

salt and pepper


How to make it

This is the ideal date night dinner – well cooked fillet steak with a gorgeous cheesy surprise in the centre. The bacon keeps the steaks nice and juicy.

  • Slice the Bosworth Ash into wedges, and then into cubes
  • Place the wedges in a bowl with rosemary, lemon zest and garlic
  • Mash up into a cheese paste
  • Cut a pocket into each steak, ensuring you keep all other edges sealed
  • Place a quarter of the cheese mixture into each pocket
  • Wrap a rasher of bacon around the side of each steak, covering the pocket entrance. Secure with a cocktail stick
  • Coat the steaks with olive oil and season
  • Coop in a hot skillet until your desired preference
  • Using tongs, lift the steak to cook the bacon sides
  • Allow to rest, and then serve
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