Ragstone Log, Rosemary and Bacon Kebabs

20 June 2019 — Barbecue

Bacon and Ragstone Log Kebabs


200g Ragstone Log

4-6 rashers of bacon

4 large sprigs of rosemary

2 red peppers

Salt and pepper



How to make it

Jamie Oliver started the trend of making kebabs using Rosemary sprigs and in this case, goat’s cheese kebabs. They infuse the skewered food with a deep aroma which blends exquisitely with the creaminess of Ragstone Log.

  • Cut the red peppers into chunks, drizzle with oil and season
  • Strip the lower leaves off the rosemary sprigs
  • Slice the Ragstone Log into 1 inch pieces
  • Wrap each cheese ‘slice’ with a rasher of streaky bacon
  • Skewer the bacon wraps followed by the pepper chunks onto the rosemary sprigs
  • Continue the process until you’ve used everything up
  • Place the cheese kebabs on the barbecue for about 15 minutes
  • Serve with grilled flat bread and salad

Other Recipes

These Ragstone Log and pistachio balls make an excellent starter, or a snack for evening entertaining. The creamy Ragstone goat’s cheese is well complimented by the savoury, salty, nutty pistachio flavours.

It’s good to have a vegetarian choice when having a barbecue, though you can just as easily cook these brochettes under the grill. These Cheese Kebabs use tasty Farmhouse Cheddar cheese with ciabatta bread and plenty of chunky fresh vegetables.

For other barbecue ideas try this baked Tunworth. Tunworth has a long-lasting nutty and sweet milky flavour with the savouriness you’d expect from a Camembert-style. This This Jalapeño and Godminster cheddar cornbread is also excellent as a side to barbecues.

1 thought on “Ragstone Log, Rosemary and Bacon Kebabs

  1. Where did you get that bacon from with all that lovely fat on it

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