Pong is 10 Years Old!

18 February 2019 — Events, Features, News

Happy Birthday to us! It is 10 years ago that we first started selling gorgeous cheeses online. We are enormously proud of what we’ve achieved in the last ten years but the best thing by far is the joy we’ve spread to our customers and the recipients of our little boxes of heaven. We always love to hear from you if you’ve enjoyed your experience with Pong whether by email or on social media so please keep showing your appreciation.

Amazingly, we’ve sold (and you’ve eaten!) nearly 1000 tonnes of the most beautifully-made, exquisite-tasting, artisan cheese. To put that into perspective, that’s the same weight of cheese as:

  • 6 average-sized houses
  • The Redeemer statue in Rio
  • 600 cars
  • 150 elephants
  • 1500 cows

One achievement we’re particularly pleased with is the creation of the Pong Cheese Club. This has enabled cheese lovers to enjoy some of the very best artisan cheeses from the UK and Europe, delivered to their door regularly. In our ten years we have also developed many cheese gift boxes which have marked special occasions for our customers and their friends, and our Christmas Boxes have graced the dinner tables of many across the nation and as far away as Tokyo, Vladivostok and Santiago!

About 60% of the cheeses we’ve sold were made in the UK and Ireland with the rest from Europe. We’ve listed about 500 different cheeses at some point and we take huge pride in sourcing the very best available, working with top cheese producers to find these exceptional gems and bring them to you.

So in honour of the tenth year of Pong, we thought you’d be pleased to discover our top ten, very best sellers from day one until today.

  1. Brie de Meaux AOC – Topping the list of our all time customer favourites is the most famous of all Bries. Brie de Meaux AOC is traditionally made 30 miles east of Paris in Ile-de-France region. Declared the “King of Cheeses” in the 1800s and clearly the legacy is alive and well today.
  2. Stinking Bishop – a undisputed superstar cheese and the equivalent, in the cheese world, to a fine wine.
  3. Epoisse de Bourgogne AOC – If we were a cheese we would be an Epoisses, as it’s an extremely pungent, spicy classic – it embodies all we hold dear at Pong.
  4. Blue Monday – This gorgeously decadent blue cheese is from rock star turned gentleman cheese producer, Blur’s Alex James. It’s fame is well deserved as its flavour is really superb- complex, creamy and bold, both spicy and sweet. Nothing will make you blue about this masterpiece.
  5. Goddess – Another Alex James creation, Goddess is a delicious tasting semi-soft cheese; it’s rich taste comes from the Guernsey cows’ milk used to make the curd and the rind is gently washed in Temperley Somerset Cider Brandy.
  6. Comte AOC – the smoothest and richest cheese on the planet. Full of alpine goodness, sometimes known as Gruyere de Comte, it is made in the Jura from milk produced by the same cows that produce the milk for Vacherin Mont D’Or once the summer has ended.
  7. Vacherin Mont d’Or AOC – If you haven’t tried Vacherin Mont D’Or it is an absolute cheese-lover’s must. When suitably ripe, the cheese under the pale yellow crust is soft and deliciously alpine. When very ripe it becomes super oozy and spoonable.
  8. Fourme d’Ambert AOC – From the Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert is one of France’s oldest cheeses and dates back to Roman times. It’s unique cylindrical shape makes it easily identifiable. This is the original, handmade AOC version of this special blue cheese.
  9. Munster AOC – Munster is an unpasteurised, washed-rind cheese that is rubbed constantly in brine for 2 to 3 months to give its rind a distinct rich orange colour. The tradition in Alsace is to eat ‘Munster au Cumin’ which is Munster, obviously, served with boiled potatoes, cumin seeds and a glass of wine. Mmm.
  10. Black Bomber – The black wax coating reveals a moist, smooth texture but an intense vintage cheddary taste. Best enjoyed while imagining the wind and snow-lashed mountain sides of Snowdonia and its weather-hardy cows.

To mark the occasion of our 10th Birthday we are offering £10 free to spend on our entire range if you spend £40*. Simply enter code HBPONG10 at checkout. This offer expires February 25th, so hurry!

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* code HBPONG10 must be applied in the voucher code box at checkout on or quoted over the phone to receive the £10 discount. Only applies to baskets of value £40 or over. One use per customer. Expires midnight 25th February 2019.

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