Cheese and Perfect Ploughman’s Pickle Sandwich

14 February 2022 — Lunch, Picnic

Cheddar Ploughmans Sandwich


A crusty French baguette

Tracklements Perfect Ploughman’s Pickle

Fresh lettuce

Slices of Montgomery’s Cheddar

How to make it

Ploughman’s is the quintessential British sandwich. It’s just the ticket for an on-the-go lunch and is sure to keep you stuffed until dinner.

Recipe courtesy of Tracklements

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A history of Ploughman’s

You’d be forgiven for thinking a Ploughman’s Lunch is hundred’s of years old, but according to agreement from various sources including the BBC, the phrase ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’ was first promoted by the Milk Marketing Board in the 1960s. It was part of a campaign to promote the sales of cheese, especially in pubs. Here’s a history of the Ploughman’s Lunch.

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