Crozier Blue, Spinach and Walnut Fettuccini

28 February 2019 — Dinner, Lunch

Crozier and Spinach Fettucini


25og Fettuccini pasta

125g Crozier Blue

150g Spinach leaves

75g Walnuts

How to make it

Crozier blue has a rich and well-rounded flavour, with a gentle saltiness offset with a touch of spice. It is so special it needs to be the main feature of a dish, such as this Spinach and Walnut Fettuccini recipe. The flavours and textures combine to make every mouthful magnificent.

  • Cook the fettuccini in boiling water until al dente, approx 10 mins
  • Chop the Spinach, then wilt by placing over the top of the boiling water in a steamer or sieve
  • Chop the crozier blue
  • Chop the walnuts
  • Drain the pasta
  • Add the spinach, cheese and walnuts
  • Serve with crusty bread and salty butter


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