Ragstone Log, Rosemary and Bacon Kebabs

20 June 2019 — Barbecue

Bacon and Ragstone Log Kebabs


200g Ragstone Log

4-6 rashers of bacon

4 large sprigs of rosemary

2 red peppers

Salt and pepper



How to make it

Jamie Oliver started the trend of making kebabs using Rosemary sprigs. They infuse the skewered food with a deep aroma, whilst blends exquisitely with the creaminess of Ragstone Log.

  • Cut red peppers into chunks, drizzle with oil and season
  • Strip the lower leaves off the rosemary sprigs
  • Cut the Ragstone Log into 1 inch pieces
  • Wrap each cheese ‘slice’ with a rasher of streaky bacon
  • Skewer the bacon wraps followed by the pepper chunks onto the rosemary sprigs
  • Continue until you’ve used everything up
  • Place on the barbecue for about 15 minutes

1 thought on “Ragstone Log, Rosemary and Bacon Kebabs

  1. Where did you get that bacon from with all that lovely fat on it

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